artmalarki's 2018 workshops

Classes are led by artist Anna Vergano.

The students will have the opportunity to work with a wide range of media including painting, drawing, printmaking, 3D, ceramics, installation, film-making, sculpture, textiles and are encouraged individually and in groups to develop technical understanding, to be responsive, inventive and experimental.

Refreshments and materials are provided. Anna is DBS checked and references are available on request.

Please contact Anna to register your interest - all classes currently full.

Class Dates

Wednesdays 3.45pm to 5.15pm
From Jan 10th for 5 weeks

Thursdays 3.45pm to 5.15pm
From Jan 11th for 5 weeks

Fridays 4.00pm to 6.00pm
From Jan 12th for 4 weeks

School Year Guide:

Wednesdays years 3 and 4
Thursdays: years 5 and 6
Fridays: years 7 and upwards